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Elite Electricians is your one-stop solution for acquiring electrical services in Singapore. We offer impeccable and reliable work and resolve electrical issues at reasonable rates.

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Electrical Installation Singapore

Electrical Installation Singapore

The electrical installation refers to the electrical wiring, rewiring whole house, fitting, or installing any device for the transmission and…

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LED Lighting Electrician

LED Lighting Electrician

Do you want to save the electricity bills as well as create artistic lighting in your homes? Our LED lighting…

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24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Electricity problems are stressful and dangerous to deal with on your own. Proper check-up and care by a professional electrician…

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Installation Home or Commercial Electrician Services

We offer home and commercial electrical services to install all kinds of power outlets, power switches, lighting, power points, and ceiling fans. You can contact us for the installation and supply of the best electrical solutions at your doorstep.

Emergency Electrical Services Singapore

We provide emergency electrical services in Singapore on 24/7 diligently and promptly. If you need assistance related to electrical problems urgently, contact us. Our reliable electrician Singapore will attend to you quickly.

Electrical Repair Singapore

Electrical repair in Singapore is a common service for electrical fittings, power sockets, switches, lighting, and wiring. We offer these general and specific repair services at an affordable cost.

Electrical Wiring And Rewiring Services

Electrical wiring or rewiring services are sensitive and dangerous; only a professional can handle such a delicate task. The wiring issues can cause potential harm to your home and surroundings. We provide electrical wiring services with time-efficiency to save you from any danger.

About Elite

Elite Electricians offers all kinds of electrical services in Singapore. We are an electrical team by Elite Builders Pte Ltd. available with years of experience for home electrician services. With the help of advanced tools and a knowledgeable team, we identify the electrical issues and resolve them. You can depend on us for your home electrical installation, repair, replacement, electrical wiring, rewiring, a panel upgrade, and other services. Call us now to acquire the services of a trusted and reliable electrical contractor in Singapore.


  • Licensed, qualified, and experienced electricians
  • A wide range of electrical services provider
  • Transparent and honest dealing
  • Quality assurance with warranty
  • 24/7 service available

Our Specialists

Indra Kurniawan

Indra Kurniawan

Chief Executive Officer
Richard Colila

Richard Colila

Lead of Mechanic
John Tetruno

John Tetruno

Professional Mechanic
Iwan Kurniawan

Iwan Kurniawan

Professional Mechanic
Julia Amandha

Julia Amandha

Professional Mechanic


Reliable Electrician Singapore

Our customers rely on us and consider us the reliable provider of best electrician services in Singapore. All our electricians are skilled and work seamlessly on the problems faced by the homeowners. Additionally, we offer durable solutions and electrical services in Singapore.

One-Stop Solution For Best Electrician Services Singapore

Elite Electricians provides all the electrical services in Singapore that you might need at home or workplace. We cover an extensive and broad spectrum of electrical services from electrical installation to replacement to electrical wiring. You can depend on us for fulfilling your needs and requirements.

Transparent And Reasonable Pricing

We always quote prices after understanding your needs and the services you require. We are transparent about our rates and discuss the final pricing with you. So, be assured that there will not be any hidden or extra charges included afterward. Also, we try to provide our services at affordable prices.

24 Hours Service Available

Our home electrician services in Singapore are available 24/7, in case of an emergency. You can call us any time, any day to book for the electrical services. Our electricians are ever ready to serve you and carry all the essential tools to resolve your electrical issues.


Booking us for electrical services is easy and straightforward. You can contact us for one or multiple services. We will arrange best electrician services in Singapore as per your convenience and demand. You can also describe your situation via phone call. Our customer service will recommend and suggest the best services you need and provide an estimate for them.

Licensed Electrician Singapore

The electricians on-board with us are qualified, certified, and licensed electrician in Singapore. We have selected the service providers carefully to perform quality work with exceptional services. Due to our experienced and trained professionals, your home maintenance and electrical repair issues will resolve efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our customers’ safety and satisfaction are our goals. We understand that electrical problems can potentially harm people, and that is why we keep the safety of our customers above all. Our dedicated team will initiate open communication with you and will respond immediately to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever you contact an electrician in Singapore, consider these points before hiring:

  • A licensed electrician in Singapore
  • Qualified and experienced
  • References with the companies
  • Good reviews and testimonials
  • Do they give an estimate regarding the required work?
  • How prompt and quick they are in providing services
  • Do they offer any warranty or guarantee of the services?
  • How much do they charge?

Electricity is dangerous, and the electrical work poses some serious risks. That is the reason why electricians need to be trained and licensed before they start work. Being inexperienced, doing the electrical work by yourself can result in improper performance, a high risk of electrocution, possible home fires. So, contact a licensed electrician whenever you need electrical work done.

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