24-Hour Emergency Electrical Services

Electricity problems are stressful and dangerous to deal with on your own. Proper check-up and care by a professional electrician are crucial for your protection and safe power supply at home. If the electrical issue occurs at an odd hour, you need to call in a 24 hours electrician Singapore to cater to the problem.

For prompt assistance, you can call our emergency electrician 24 hour service. We understand the risk that faulty wiring can pose to your safety. That is why Elite Electricians offers 24 hour electrician services near me in Singapore to respond to urgent electrical problems and provide emergency electrical services.

When To Contact An Electrician For Emergency Electrical Services

Sometimes, people struggle to decide whether they should call an electrician for 24-hour service or not. They find it challenging to categorize an electrical issue as an emergency. So, here are some of the most common electrical problems that require the attention of a professional electrician 24 hour service.

  • In case of a partial or complete loss of power in the house
  • A sudden, unidentifiable burning smell occurs in your home
  • A wet electrical panel
  • A circuit breaker keeps tripping frequently
  • Your home lights are flickering or dimming continuously
  • Someone in the house gets an electrical shock
  • A buzzing noise comes out from the breaker panel, outlet, or switch
  • An electrical switch or power outlet feels hot when touched

If you come across any of these circumstances, do not wait to call a professional 24 hour electrician in Singapore. Such issues can lead to severe damages, such as house fires, property damage, or electrical shocks. We encourage you to do not delay in calling for assistance and contact any 24 hours electrician Singapore.

How Can We Help In Electrical Emergency?

Elite Electricians safeguards you and your property 24/7 if you are looking for a emergency electrician in Singapore. We offer emergency electrical services and provide electricians 24-hours. Here are some of the electrical emergencies we can you with:

Burnt Electrical Wiring

Your electrical wiring can start melting and burning due to loose connections, faulty wiring, and a short circuit. It happens because of a dangerous and unintended surge in the current. That results in sparking and overheating, which can cause a fire. Also, when the power supply in the circuits reaches its safe limit, it starts heating the wire and melt it.

If you come across any of these issues, switch off your main power supply and contact us. Our 24 hours electrician in Singapore will identify the problem and repair it in a time-efficient manner.

Short Circuits

A circuit breaker frequently trips due to the short circuit. Whenever the power breaker detects any fault condition, such as overload, ground fault, or damaged wiring that interrupts the circuit, the breaker trips, it is difficult to identify the cause of the tripping circuit breaker. So, you can call our professional electricians anytime to repair your circuit problem.

Overloaded Circuit

A circuit overload occurs because of the excessive current drawing into a circuit. The surging current reaches its limit, and the circuit cannot handle it anymore. Hence, it causes an overload, and you can notice it by the flickering of lights or dimming lights, continuously. Also, a buzzing noise might come out of the power outlets and switch plates would be hot to the touch. You might also feel mild electric shocks from the appliances and electrical components. Get in touch with the Elite Electricians as soon as you face this issue.

Burning Smell Emanating From Electrical Wiring

The smell that emanates from electrical wiring is of burning plastic. It occurs due to overloads and short circuits. When a circuit breaker continues to draw electricity despite overheating, the safety insulation around the wire starts to melt and burn. That can lead to a house fire, and that is why you need to give it immediate attention. Switch off the power supply or circuit breaker. You can look for electrician services in Singapore near me to check the wiring.

Other than these services, you can also contact Elite Electricians in case of sudden power failure. We will respond immediately with emergency electrical services. Our electricians will inspect your home’s electrical system and wiring thoroughly to identify the problem. You will find our service reliable, durable, and cost-effective.

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