Electrical Contractor Singapore

More often than not, your home electrical wiring comes off and needs a replacement or repair. Also, when you shift to a new place, you need to lay the electrical wires around the house to connect to the electricity points and circuits. All of these processes are time-consuming and risky. Any electrical work can turn out to be dangerous if you are not skilled and aware of the technicalities.

Elite Electricians is a professional and expert HDB electrical wiring contractor in Singapore. We have trained electricians, who can do electrical wiring and rewire effectively. You can contact us anytime, any day if you require contractor for electrical work in your home.

Electrical Contractor Services

As an electrical contractor Singapore, we offer the following services:

  • Entire house wiring and rewiring
  • Light points wiring
  • Power points wiring
  • Installation of ceiling fans
  • Power socket wiring and installation
  • Electrical wiring to various appliances and components

How To Know You Need an Electrical Contractor in Singapore?

Whenever a fault occurs in the electrical wiring, it leaves a sign or indication. These signs help you detect the problem and take immediate action for the repair and replacement of the wiring. Let’s look at some of these issues that point out electrical wiring Singapore problems.

Loose Connections

After a long time and use, electrical wiring or power outlets become loose and come out of their place. You should keep an eye on the switch plates and covers for any signs of loose connections. So, you will be aware of the situation and can keep the electricity wiring secured.

Occurrences Of Smoke

Usually, the smoke coming out of any circuit, appliance, or power outlet is a sign of risk concerning electricity. You need to turn off the appliance or outlet if you detect smoke around them. In case, you are unable to find the source of the smoke, switch off the main power supply and call an electrical wiring contractor for electrical work to look at it.

Heat Damage To The Switches

Sometimes, burn marks and spots appear on the switches or electrical outlets. Also, you might feel them warm and hot when you touch them. All of these signs indicate an issue with the house wiring and warns against the overheating. You must contact an electrical contractor in Singapore for this problem, or it can cause fire due to the heat damage.

Frayed Wires

Wiring around the house is prone to fraying with time or due to any damages. It could be because of the general wearing and tearing of the wires, or the wires might split up due to nails or sharp edges. The crucial thing here is to notice these frayed wires and take action to replace them. Otherwise, it can lead to some bigger issues with the electrical wiring around the house.

Damage To The Circuit Breakers

Many times, the circuit breakers start tripping, which happens due to the overloading. If a breaker frequently trips to your home, check for an electrical problem or any problematic appliance. In case of severe damage, you would need to replace and repair the electrical panel.

Dimming Lights

If your home lights begin to dim, it could be due to electrical overload, or maybe the bulbs are dying. Whatever the reason be, you should thoroughly inspect the cause of dim lights for your safety. If need be, call an electrical contractor Singapore and check the wiring.

Do You Need an Experienced Electrical Contractor in Singapore For Electrical Work

If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above and require the services of a professional electrical contractor in Singapore, contact Elite Electricians. We help you ensure your electrical wiring is proper, safe, and working correctly. In case of damage, we also aid in the electrician light installation and replacement in Singapore.

Power Trips and Failures: What Are They?

Power Trips

A power trip occurs when your electrical system experiences a momentary “shutdown” as a protective measure. Analogous to a computer rebooting when it becomes overwhelmed, a power trip safeguards the system.

Power Failures

Power failures encompass situations of total blackouts or interruptions in electrical supply. These can result from external factors such as infrastructure issues or internal causes like circuit overloads.

Safety Measures

Emphasizing the Importance of safety. Here are a few practical tips:

Caution with Frayed Wires

If you come across wires with fraying or detect a burning odour, maintain a safe distance and promptly turn off the main power source.

Childproofing Measures

If you have young children in the household, ensure all electrical sockets are adequately childproofed.

Avoid Moisture Contact

Refrain from handling electrical devices with wet hands or when you’re in damp surroundings.

Regular Inspections

Make it a habit to routinely examine your electrical appliances and outlets. Should you notice anything unusual, seek professional assistance.

Causes Behind Power Trips and Failures:


The circuit can be overwhelmed by connecting an excessive number of high-power devices.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when the active and neutral wires come into contact, triggering a power trip.

Defective Appliances

Appliances with internal issues can contribute to power problems.

External Influences

Larger power failures can stem from factors like storms, infrastructure glitches, or unexpected damages.

Enlisting the expertise of an electrical contractor, such as ourselves, allows for a comprehensive assessment to identify the root cause. This enables us to offer informed solutions and swift resolution to these issues.

Professional Electrical Installations: Our Proficiency

Elite Electrician’s team excels in delivering quality electrical installation services. Our expertise spans from establishing new power outlets to comprehensive wiring solutions for residences and businesses. Each installation adheres to Singapore’s rigorous safety protocols, guaranteeing both endurance and security. Should you be seeking an electrical contractor in Singapore, our services offer affordability and efficiency.

Safety Takes Precedence

In the contemporary lifestyle, electricity serves as a vital lifeline. Yet, even in its indispensability, electrical systems can encounter glitches. Your safety is our paramount concern. We continually update our expertise and equipment to align with the latest safety benchmarks. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major installation, we execute every service with the utmost caution and professionalism.

Progressing towards a Secure Home

Worries about power issues should not burden you. Should you encounter any electrical challenges or require routine assessments, don’t hesitate to act. Our committed team stands ready to ensure your residence remains illuminated and secure. Contact us today, and let us empower your peace of mind!

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