Electrical Wiring Services

After a long time, the electrical rewiring of the whole house becomes essential. Also, you might need to add new wires at some places due to insufficient electric current. For this purpose, you need the services of an expert and skilled electrician to wire your home and ensure that the electrical wiring is safe and proper.

Elite Electricians is a reliable electrical contractor in Singapore who performs electrical wiring and rewiring at reasonable rates. Our qualified and certified electricians make sure to install a proper electrical wiring system to prevent any hazards.

When Do You Need Electrical Wiring Service?

Sometimes, you cannot identify electrical wiring problems soon. Due to many reasons, people overlook the electrical wiring issues. However, here are some of the signs that indicate you need electrical wiring services.

  • Circuit breaker trips frequently and the fuse blows
  • Burning marks are visible on the power outlets
  • The plastic around the cable is peeling or wearing off
  • Sparks from the circuit emit
  • You find the current electrical wiring insufficient in your home

If you see any of these situations, acquires services of a professional electrician to detect the cause.

Risks Attached To The Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring in Singapore runs through our homes, offices, and every other place that we visit. This wiring helps in providing electricity to different electrical appliances that we need in our daily lives. To ensure that electricity is flowing through these wires smoothly, we need to check the electrical wiring regularly.

If any issues or problems occur with the electrical wiring, they can turn out to be quite harmful. When we fail to detect and fix any wiring problem on time, a fire can break out, or someone can get electric shocks. Also, suppose the laying of the electrical wires is improper around the house. In that case, it puts you and everyone around you at risk.

Therefore, when it comes to installing and repairing electrical wiring, we should put safety as our main priority. We must get the services of a professional electrician to resolve the wiring issues and to ensure that the wiring is proper and connected safely.

Electrical Rewiring Cost Singapore

Cost is another common factor why many people think twice before rewiring the whole house. People worry about whole house electrical wiring cost and what their bill is going to look like after they have done the rewiring.

Electrical rewiring cost Singapore varies because every place and home is different, due to which we cannot give you a standard whole house electrical wiring cost. But, we can discuss some of the factors with you that can influence electrical wiring cost:


How far do you need the services and the distance that our electrician has to travel to serve you? Distance is one of the factors that affect the cost of electrical wiring service. You can contact us, tell us your location, and get an estimated quote for the place you require our services.


The equipment required to rewire the whole house or building will also play a role in calculating the rate. For example, rewiring a small house costs far less than rewiring a whole office or any commercial building. So, the larger your project would be, the more it is going to cost.


It is rightly said that time is money. The time required for rewiring whole house determines the cost of the services. It can turn out to be the most expensive factor of any bill. So, the charges can vary depending on the work and time needed to complete it. We can quote a price after inspecting your home wiring and calculating the time consumption for it.


Your location and the type of electrical services you need will influence the electrical wiring cost, whether you need to rewire your home, office, condominium, any shop, or factory. We might set individual rates for each of these places. However, the cost will always be affordable and accessible for you.

Expertise and Certifications

The price increases with experience and training. So, if you ask for the services of a highly trained electrician, it is going to cost you more. The experts always charge more than the novices do.

Do You Need An Electrician To Wire Your Home?

An expert electrician knows all about the different types and sizes of the electric wires. They know how to choose the right wire for the required purpose. As a novice, you might not understand the technicalities of electrical wiring as good as a professional electrician. Therefore, whenever you feel your house needs electrical wiring or rewiring services, contacts a qualified electrical contractor in Singapore.

At Elite Electricians, we provide all the electrical wiring or rewiring services at affordable rates. Feel free to get an estimated electrical rewiring cost in Singapore!

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