9 Benefits of Installing LED Lighting In Singapore

9 Benefits of Installing LED Lighting In Singapore

More and more people are preferring LED lights and looking for an LED lighting electrician to fix LEDs at their offices or homes. The introduction of LEDs brought a revolution in the market and gave an ideal solution to replace traditional bulbs. LEDs have proved their worth and aced the lighting field with their arrival. Its popularity is increasing with time due to its various benefits and advantages. You can conveniently change your home lighting system with LED lighting. It is easy to find expert electrical contractors for LED lights and power point installation in Singapore.

Here are nine of the benefits of LED lighting:

Durable and Reliable

LED lights offer a durable and reliable solution as compared to other types of lightings. They do not contain any delicate parts or filaments that can get damaged. Instead, it has an enclosed chip that is well-protected. Also, they have the strength to withstand impacts and shocks. You can use them in areas with temperature and weather fluctuations. It can bear vibrations, and it is usable in a cold environment.

Lasts Longer Than Traditional Bulbs

One of the most significant advantages that LEDs have is their long life. They last longer than other bulbs, and their components guarantee an extended lifespan. It generates light in a way that saves it from any damage. The life of other lights can shorten in case of improper usage. Its construction, low heat radiation, and energy efficiency let it survive more than other types of bulbs. Usually, traditional bulbs use filaments, which can burn out after a time. However, LEDs do not contain filaments that can burn or damage. It has a lumen, which decreases light production over time.


You can find LED lights in different price ranges as per your budget. Thus, you can purchase LEDs for the entire home in a cost-effective manner. That is why you will see these lights in many offices or homes. You can quickly get these bulbs in Singapore and install them in your home with an LED lighting electrician at affordable rates. Moreover, even if you get expensive LEDs, they will ultimately provide you the great worth of your money. They will last longer and cut the maintenance cost to an extent.


LEDs are manufactured with safe, non-toxic, and recyclable materials, which make them eco-friendly. Conventional bulbs use mercury in them, which is dangerous for the environment. LED light is mercury-free, and that is why it is environment friendly. Also, it emits less carbon dioxide and heat, which makes it safe.

Reduces Electricity Consumption

LED lights consume less electricity, which makes them energy efficient and valuable. They do not waste energy in radiating heat and convert most of the energy for illumination. That is why LEDs are efficient than traditional lighting systems. They are famous for their low consumption of power as compared to standard bulbs. Further, it will reduce the cost of your electricity bills; rates will fall significantly. That is why people prefer LED bulbs overs conventional ones.

Safe Lighting

LED lights are safer for the users. They remain cool when illuminated for several hours and do not emit any heat. That is why it poses a lesser risk of burns when touched. On the other hand, conventional bulbs radiate almost 90% of the heat they consume.

Available In Various Colours

Another benefit of LED lights is that you can find them in various colours, such as red, green, or blue. Also, it uses filters to get any coloured light and combine them to provide a variety of colour combinations. It has diodes that alter the colours of the emitted light, and the colour does not fade until the end.

High Level of Brightness

LEDs are famous for the capability of emitting highly intense light or brightness. You do not have to wait for its illumination or squint your eyes while it is glowing. It offers maximum results at the least energy consumption.

Radiates Low Temperature

Traditional bulbs ignite their filament to heat up and produce lighting. On the other hand, a LED light produces light, instead of heat, by converting energy. That is why they can be functional in cold temperatures and last long. Moreover, these lights do not emit any warmth neither do they radiate any infrared beams.

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