Factors That Determine The Electrical Rewiring Cost In Singapore

Factors That Determine The Electrical Rewiring Cost In Singapore

There comes a time in life when you need to replace the wiring of your home for various reasons. You cannot avoid this issue and has to take immediate action to change the outdated or damaged wiring as soon as you can. That is because keeping your electrical wiring safe means reducing the risk of any damage to your home and loved ones. However, one thing that irks people is the electrical rewiring cost in Singapore. It can turn out to be a bit expensive as you might require the services of a 24 hours electrician in Singapore. But, many factors play a part in determining the cost of electrical rewiring. Let’s read about them!

Size Of Your Place

This one is simple and understandable; your home's size would determine the amount of work required for rewiring. A big house would have a more extensive system of electrical wiring to repair and replace. In contrast, a smaller place would not require much to change the electrical wiring, which would save it from spending more money. Some professionals also calculate the electrical rewiring cost in Singapore according to the square foot of the place. The price will increase if there are several floors and a need for an electrical wiring system to run up and down safely.

Accessibility Of The Resources And Wiring

One thing that can have a considerable impact on the rewiring cost is access to your home's wiring. The easier it is for an electrician to reach the wiring, the lesser it will cost you. That is because it makes the job quick and convenient for the expert, which lowers the rate of labour. Mostly, a renovating place with open walls will allow easy access to the wiring. In contrast, a home with intact drywall will increase the efforts and hard work for the electrician to replace the wiring. Hence, it will cost lots of money for your home wiring.

Cost Of Materials

Electrical rewiring includes purchasing various materials to replace the wiring. So, the quality of those materials and their quantity will influence the rate of wiring. You cannot afford to use low-quality, cheap material, as it can put your home’s safety in danger.

Age Of Your Residence

How long has it been since you constructed your residence? This factor can affect the electrical rewiring cost and tells you about the areas from where you should start the work. If your property were built decades ago, it would have an outdated wiring system; and there is a better possibility that it will be damaged beyond repair. Moreover, the design and structure of your residence will determine the accessibility, which would add up to the labour's cost. You might also need to change many other electrical components other than wiring, which can increase the rate altogether.

Current Condition

When you decide to rewire your place and dig up the wiring, you might find more issues than you anticipated. That is why it is essential to take a complete inventory of your current electrical system. So, you can find any other electrical problems that need to be resolved along with the wiring. Moreover, you have to take care of the light fixtures and check whether they fit well with the new wiring or not. That is why keep yourself ready to bear the costs of many other electrical parts that would need to be replaced with the wiring of your home.

Adding Or Upgrading Power Outlets

Another factor that can impact the rate of electrical rewiring is the replacement of power outlets and switches. Installing a new circuit along with the rewiring is going to cost much more than the original budget. For this reason, you need to find out solutions to make it cost-effective. One way could be to upgrade power outlets one by one or make a package deal with your 24 hours electrician in Singapore to reduce the rate.

Labour Of The Electrician

Apart from all the other costs, the price of the electrician’s labour will play a crucial role in determining the rate for electrical rewiring. Labour’s cost depends upon the licensing, experience, training, and knowledge of the electrical contractor you hire for the services.

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