Tips on How to Install LED Light

Tips on How to Install LED Light

One of the most widely used forms of indoor and outdoor lighting in the modern world is LED strip lighting. It gets along admirably in our residences, workplaces, and public areas.

Technically skilled individuals with knowledge of installing and fixing lighting are electricians. Although you have the option to do it yourself, an electrician will know how to do proper LED electrical installation Singapore so that they seamlessly match the inside of the house.

Our electricians can combine functionality, ambiance, and aesthetics in your house lighting. We provide homes with economical installation, repair, and replacement services for LED lights that have both practical and artistic value.

What Will You Need For LED Light Installation?

In our living rooms, baths, and kitchens, it may be utilized as ambient lighting. It will be a wise decision for those seeking task illumination in the workplace. It produces an incredible, cozy, and enjoyable atmosphere.

Additionally, it's quite simple to install LED strip lighting. You don't need to be an electrical expert to know the proper LED light installation Singapore procedure!

Your workplace or worktops can benefit from brilliant light from LED strip lights, while a leisure room, boat, or camper can benefit from stunningly colorful lighting. Electronic stores sell ready-to-stick LED strips, but they are expensive and cannot be connected. The components can be placed anywhere because they were purchased individually. The hardest thing is figuring out what components you need.

If you opt not to use an all-inclusive LED light kit, you will need to buy the following items and give some thought to how you want the lights to appear:

Power Supply

To power the lights, this transformer reduces the 120 volts from an outlet to 12 volts.


Enables you to use a remote control or a Smartphone app to adjust the color and intensity of the lights. Set screws are used to connect wires. You may swap out the controller with a switch if all you want to do is turn on or off the lights.

Cable For Low Voltage

Depending on how the LED strips are configured, they are available with two, four, five, or six color-coded 22ga cables.

Wire Clamps Without Solder

To join the wire, the clamp pierces it and secures it. It's crucial to get a clamp that can accommodate the number of wires your LED strip needs.

LED Light Strip in RGBW

Comes in a wide range of color and size combinations, some of which are waterproof, and have brightness levels. Along the contacts, the strips can be trimmed to size and linked in many lengths. They include an adhesive backing, which makes it easy to mount the lights.

Aluminum Channel

Light strips that are exposed have a tidy appearance thanks to an aluminum tube and frosted cover.

Installing LED Strip Lights 101

Lengthen LED Strip by Cutting

Cut the strip through the copper connections to the required length. To save the connection, it's crucial to cut precisely on this line.

Set up The Cable

Using a solderless clamp, join the wires to the strip. Match the colored wire with the matching letter on the LED strip at the other end of the clamp after inserting the strip into the short end of the clamp. You might need to rearrange them as they might not be in the same sequence. No need to strip the wires; just tighten the clamp.

Hook up The Controller

You may adjust the lights' brightness or hue with the controller. You need a controller if you're utilizing color-changing lights. Discard the colored wires and place each one in the controller's matching port. To fasten them in place, tighten the screw.

Mount The Lighting

Wherever you require lighting, stick them by peeling off the sticky backing. Use an aluminum channel if the lights won't be entirely covered. The channel has a frosted lens and is designed to fit different-sized LED strips, giving this set a polished appearance.

Brighten The Lights

The positive and negative 12-volt lines will be connected to the controller if you're adding LED strip lights to a 12-volt system, such as a boat, trailer, or automobile. If you want to install them in your house, connect a transformer to the controller and then an outlet with the transformer.

Where on The Ceiling Should LED Strips be Installed?

  • Due to the proximity of the power outlet, the beginning point of your strips is crucial
  • If you often upload videos to YouTube or TikTok, you should avoid having questionable wiring visible in your content
  • Otherwise, you should hide the cord from your power outlet to your LED power source behind some furniture, close to a door, or against a wall corner
  • A cable concealer cover, like the one seen on Amazon, is an alternative
  • You must choose where to install your strip lights on the ceiling once they are connected in
  • Place the strips about a foot below the ceiling to give them room to shine upwards if you want more of your wall to be illuminated

Our workforce at Elite Electricians is outfitted with cutting-edge technological instruments to meet all of your demands. Therefore, there is no need to worry about your Singapore lighting repair services.

To schedule an appointment for any services, including those for interior or outdoor lighting, simply give us a call. For Singapore light repair, our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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